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 MAN...The music business has turned
 into a real jungle out there!

 It seems every Tom, Dick and Mary has
 a "recording studio" anymore...

 With prices for gear dropping and more
 powerful and cheaper computers...

 Great mics at great prices...

 "Boutique gear"... 

 Plug-ins by the hundreds...
 Software being released just about every 


You can't have a cup of coffee without  meeting someone who says they own a "studio".  But just having some gear, doesn't make you a recording engineer / producer.

Location: North Houston (Woodlands, Spring, Conroe)


Speedy Calhoun

sircalhoun in the studio.

He was in
Houston for
a week recently
working on a
new project. 

Hear him at


Twitter: @MontanaCortez1

Montana Signing the Wall of Fame


  Ricki Phresh 

 in the GMC booth 


Sheldon Williams Signing the Wall and Dropping His New Single


Bill from Common Outlaw Band Laying Guitar Tracks


 BDot Signing the Wall of Fame :)

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Congratulations to Madeline and Micah Edwards, a brother and sister jazz duo, for winning our contest on  The Woodlands, TX website.

Click here to hear their song recording.

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