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Bigg Cuz

Born and raised on the southside of
Chicago, Bigg Cuz now lives in Houston.

Head Engineer at Studio C7/ GMC

Label: Studio C7

Bigg Cuz has worked in various studios around the Houston area for about 5 years, including 4 years of owning and operating his own commercial recording studio.

Before working full-time as an engineer, he worked at Guitar, he is familiar with a wide variety of audio gear. He has been formally educated in Audio Recording and has worked as a Lab Tech for HCC's recording studios for their Audio program.

Musically, he has worked in multiple genres including Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Rock, and Junkanoo. He has worked on several project types like, but not limited to, Radio Singles, Albums, EPs, Mixtapes, Demos, show tapes (for live performances), music for weddings, and live audio. He has also worked on audio books, commercials for radio, Podcast and radio drops. He  constantly studies music to make sure that he stays abreast of current Production / Mixing / Mastering techniques. 

Bigg Cuz is up-to-date with editing techniques like Stutter Edits, Melodyne, Side-chaining, and Audio Quantization. He has experience with Analog (ADAT and Tape) and Digital systems (ProTools, Logic, Mac/PC) and can work in and out of "the box".

Below is a brief list of gear that Bigg Cuz has used or is familiar with and a list of artist and organizations that he has worked with.

Artist/organizations: A1LaPearla (Pop), Lil Flip (Hip Hop), Paul Wall (Hip Hop), 50 Cal (Hip Hop/RnB), Victoria Monet (Pop/Hip Hop/RnB), Fat Pimp (Hip Hop), No Doubt (Pop/Rock), Common (Hip Hop) Organizations: M.E.I.S.A., The Latin Grammys, Club Hush, HCC, 97.9 The Box

Gear Used: Mics: Neumann ( U87, U87Ai, TLM67, TLM103, TLM102), Sony (C-800), Shure (SM58, Sm57, Beta58, Beta57, SM7b), AKG (C3000, C414, C214), Sterling Audio (ST69, ST79, ST55, ST51), MXL (V69 Mogami Edition), Blue (Bottle, Rocket, Bluebird) Software: Pro Tools (HD 8/9/10, MPowered 7/8/9/10, LE 7/8/9/10), Logic Pro (8,9), FL Studio (XXL 5-10), Sony SoundForge (8-10) Keyboards/Drum Machines: Roland Phantom, Korg M50, Ymaha Motif (ES, XS, and XF models), Korg Triton LE, MPC (5000, 2500, 1000, 500), Native Instruments Machine, Mophat Virtual Instruments: Native Instruments (Machine, Kore Player, Komplete 7/8, Massive, Battery), Sonivox ( Playa, Playa Hip Hop Strings, Aggro-Electro Boom, Sampla, Reggaeton Instrumento), EZ Drummer, BFD, Arturia Analog Factory, IK Multimedia Philharmonik Hardware FX: Lexicon (MX200, MX300, MX400), TC Electronic (M3000 Studio Reverb, D-Two Multitap Delay) Digital FX: Waves V7-V9 Mercury/Horizon (RVox, ReQ, Supertap Delay, RVerb, H series, MetaFlanger, Doubler, OneKnow series, Kramer series, Joseph Puig series, etc.), Focusrite (Midnight Series,) Altiverb 5/6 Interfaces: Apogee (Duet), M-Audio ( Project Mix I/O, 2626, 610, Fast Track Pro), Digidesign (003, 002, 001, MBox, MBox2, Mbox mini) Preamps: Avalon (VT737, M5), Focusrite (Red, ISA One), Presonus BlueTube, Mixers/Controllers: SSL, Digidesign (Control 24, C24, Command 8), Mackie Control, Euphonix MC Control, Yamaha 02r96.



Melo Genius

Producer/Musican/Songwiter/Mixing Engineer/Graphics Designer

At the tender age of 12, Melvin
proclaimed one day that he would do music for his step dad. His proclamation birthed what today is known as simply “Melo”. His talents and intelligence surpass his age, worldwide known as
G.A.T. (Gifted and Talented).

Melo founded Melobeats Production in 2006 with 1 member. Now, its shown
growth through members and affiliations. Melo formed Melobeats Entertainment and is respected throughout Houston and other cities for standards of musical excellence that perpetuate effectiveness in musical arrangements and exemplifying musical skills to youths and older generations abroad. He always amazes the masses with his musical prowess.

Enjoyments: Music Engineering, Clothing Design (Melowear), Web Mastering, Graphic Design, and computer prowess.

Melo continues to develop; he has yet tap his full potential. As an advocate of education, Melo graduated with recognition from his alma mater Cy-fair
High School.

His expertise in musical production has definitely facilitated his efforts to make strides in business accomplishments for the strategic up-building of

His ultimate vision: To create a whole new era of sound that captivates audiences and brings back wholesome melody sound...which could at both times soothe the soul or shake it to its core foundations.

Accomplishments for Melo: Many well received inspirational songs such as “Baby, Don’t Walk Away" and "Dear Lord"; such classics as “Dreams, This Thang", the highly anticipated “Cutney’s Down The Isle”, “Christmas Cheer", and "Still Blessing”. The latter songs are receiving radio rotation on KWWJ 1360. Melo’s list of hits are too many to name. His affiliations range from Darrel Delite to Adina Howard, IMG (INKWELL MUSIC GROUP) and, major record labels clamoring for the soothing sounds of “MELOBEATS ENTERTAINMENT”.

Melo is the foundation of music that is so unique; it’s the push to a new era of music.